Our Guide to External CPAs For Your Business - What to Know


One of the most important truths of running any type of business—whether it’s a small-time business or enterprise—is that success can never be properly attained without achieving financial integrity first. 

While most business owners may shift their focus towards other parts of their enterprise, such as outsourcing, process integration, and marketing, financial integrity is a factor that sets the foundation for getting every other function right. As easy as it may be to understand that financial integrity is vital for a business’s success, however, there’s one common problem that business owners struggle with. This is because everyone wants financial integrity, but not everyone knows how to make it happen.

It is no secret in the world of modern business that there are several necessary skills and measures to make financial integrity happen for an enterprise. Given the fact that both company growth and longevity cannot exist without proper financial management and integrity, more and more business owners are pressured to get their accounting functions in order. 

Fortunately, achieving financial integrity doesn’t necessarily call for jury-rigging the entire process or having an accounting background. As a matter of fact, financial integrity can be gained and instilled with the help of external chartered professional accountants.

Who are external chartered professional accountants? 

External chartered professional accountants (CPAs), to simply put it, are financial professionals who undertake key financial roles in any business and are most commonly active in the following sectors: 

  • Industry
  • Government
  • Education
  • Public accounting
  • Not-for-profit

Every external CPAs have strong skill sets in managerial and accounting to competently take on the financial challenges of today’s ever-evolving business environment. Generally speaking, the core qualities of any CPA is that they exercise appropriate analysis in any situation, follow a forward-thinking approach, exercise good judgment, and act to protect the public interest. 

What separates an external CPA from a regular CPA is that the former performs the same tasks as the latter without the need to keep a professional on your payroll. This is beneficial, considering that your need for a CPA will fluctuate throughout the fiscal year. 

Why should you hire external CPAs?

In recent years, external CPAs have become the talk of the town in the Canadian financial industry. This is because they can take on the task of establishing financial integrity for any business while offering a variety of benefits, such as:

1. Greater efficiency of handling finances
By bringing in the services of a skilled external CPA, you’ll be supplementing your business’s financial operations with a greater deal of increased efficiency in both time and expenses. Instead of having to toil and suffer through doing your accounting and corporate tax functions, you can leave everything to an external CPA firm that can keep your finances up-to-spec in less time needed to do so. 

2. Wide range of specializations 

Once you’ve settled on the fact that your business needs an external CPA’s services right away, you’ll be able to choose a specific firm with a certain form of specialized expertise that is most applicable to your company’s nature. From company tax planning and corporate finances to specialized industry-centric accounting services, the options for hiring a CPA are abundant! 

3. Daily peace of mind during the fiscal year

Allowing an external CPA to work their magic with your business’s finances and accounting entails leaving your obligations within an expert’s hands to take care of everything and secure the growth of your company. Through the help of an expert external CPA, you’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind all-year-round with tax-efficiency and long-term financial integrity. 

Final words

With the help of an external CPA’s services, achieving long-term financial integrity for your business will no longer be a far-fetched aspiration that can only take decades of hard work to attain. If you’re a business in the Surrey, Canada area that needs an external CPA firm to handle your finances, get in touch with Advinor today!


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